What to look for in a hosting company

What to look for in a hosting company

Web sites are no longer a luxury for businesses, they are an absolute necessity. People browse for businesses on line for anything from restaurants to plumbers, to grocery stores. Every business these days needs a web site to inform people about their business. Web sites will give potential customers the information that they need to give you money. Your business web site will tell potential customers about your business, services you offer, how to contact you, and can give your business a more personal face which is always nice for customers.

When you make the decision to create your own website, there are a couple of things you need to consider. You need to consider who is going to create your website, an employee, an outside company, your neighbors kid? Obviously you want to pick someone who knows what they are doing and will be able to support you and update your web site months from now with new information. Private contractors and companies will do a basic web site pretty cheap if you don't want any of the bells and whistles. The other big question you need to ask yourself is, where am I going to store my web site. Most people don't think about the fact that they need to store their web site but you do. Your web site has to be stored on a server somewhere that is accessible from the Internet and has all of the proper security features in place.

There are tons of different web hosting companies out there that will create you a domain name www.yourbusiness.com and store your website for a very low fee. If you happen to out grow your web hosting company is can be a pain to move your web site to another hosting company so make sure you plan ahead early to avoid unnecessary costs. There are a few things you want to look for when picking your web hosting company.

Storage Space is the first thing you want to look at when you are selecting a web hosting company. Storage space is the amount of room that the company gives you to store your web site. When looking at storage space you want to have at least 10 Gigs or 10000 Mbs these are the same amount. By having this much storage space you can build a basic web site and have plenty of room to grow with your web site. If you later want to include downloads, or image galleries you are going to need this extra space for storage.

Monthly Traffic is the amount in size that people viewing your web site are allowed to download. Whenever your web site is viewed everything is downloaded to the users computer and the amount they download is part of your Monthly Traffic. This number comes into play when you begin to get a lot of traffic to your web site. As your traffic increases most web hosting companies will require you to upgrade to an account with a higher Monthly Traffic number. A good number to monthly traffic is anywhere from 200Gb to 300Gb for your basic site and obviously that number only increases as you receive more traffic.

Databases are being used more and more in the web design business as companies are getting more high tech and want their information to be database driven. This may not be something you want to do right now but should you ever need it you want to make sure you have it ahead of time. Databases for most hosting companies is a very small fee ahead of time to have it setup.

Service Uptime Guarantee is the percentage of time that the web hosting company guarantees that they will be up and running. You don't want to choose any provider that has less than a 99.9 percent uptime. This means that your site is guaranteed to be up 99.9 percent of the time.

Backups are very important when it comes to web sites and your hosting company should feel the same way. You want to make sure that your hosting company are doing daily backups of all of your web site data. You also want to make sure that they are running UPS backup uninterrupted power supply and diesel generators. Hosting companies that have these in place are ahead of the game because your data is safely stored and even in the event of prolonged power outages at the hosting company your can still function on the backup generators.

Easy Upgrading is another important feature you want in a web hosting company. Should you plan ahead effectively and you still out grow the current plan you have with your web hosting company you want to make sure you can easily upgrade without any hassle or lose of data. If you choose a web hosting company that makes it easy to upgrade you will save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

Web hosting is a very inexpensive option to get your business on the Internet if you choose the right web hosting company. Just remember to plan ahead for future expansion of your web site and you will reap the benefits of cheap on line advertising with your new web site.

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